Artist Statement

Artist Statement 2007

I have found that I am not only influenced by the natural wonders of this earth but also influenced by ancient architecture and archeology.

The influences in my work are not conscious, but definite.
The conscious effort is to give balance to place, both in structure and environment

I wish my work to reflect the delicate balance of life, evoking thought about man’s place and the consequences of his hand on this earth, from the simplest cup, to the grandest of pyramids

I fire with wood in our Anagam called Santatsugama (americanized translation to mean 3 dragons kiln)

This process is about community, tradition, the soul of the work, the worker.

Our anagama kiln is a long single chambered tube with an inside dimensions of 4'by 4' by 17' It take 2 days to load 5 days to fire and 7 days to cool. We will burn 5 to 7 cords of wood each firing. Requiring a crew of 6 or more people stoking the fire with 5 to 10 pieces of wood every 3 to 5 minutes 24 hour a day for approximately 130 hours. It is not in our modern time an efficient way to fire ones work, but it is simply the only way to achieve these effects.

Steve Sauer

Steve Sauer - Born Dec 24th 1945


Bill and Gayle Weyerhaeuser - private collection

Steve Dickenson - private collection

John W. Stinson

Dick Lehman - private collection

Frederick Hart- private collection

Tatsu Ueda - Yamaguchi- Ken Japan

Hisashi Sato - Gifu- Japan

Carol Fultz - private collection

Zenda Boss - Hall - private collection

Roger Ward- private collection

Dick Baiter- Spokane WA. Board President; Archie Bray Foundation. - Owner Quarry Tile

Steve Sauer Selected Recent Exhibitions:

1) ”American Shino” Glaze of a Thousand Faces, American Shino Exhibition, Babcock Gallery New York NY 2001 (catalog cover)

2) ”Washington Potters Association” annual exhibition NW Crafts Center Seattle WA  (members choice best in show 1999, 2000, 2001)

3) “Magnificent Five Woodfire Exhibition”, Phoenix Rising Gallery Seattle WA. 2002
    (Chuck Hindes, Catharine Hiersoux, Don Reitz, Frank Boyden, Dean Adams with Steve Sauer and Al Tennant)

4) “Woodfired Works from Bishogama”, Grand Prairie Museum Grand Prairie Alberta Canada 2002 (Workshop and Exhibition)

5) “From the Heart to the Fire”, Woodfire Exhibition, Phoenix Rising Gallery Seattle WA. 2004, (Chuck Hindes, Catharine Hiersoux, Steve Sauer, and Al Tennant)

6) “The Naked Truth” 2004 International Wood Fire Exhibition
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

7) “Clay Invitational” Sixth annual, The Art Spirit Gallery of Fine Art, Coeur d’Alene Idaho 2005

8) “Crosscut Flame and the Poets Vitreous Eye” Sheehan Gallery-Whitman Museum –Whitman College Washington.

9) “2006 National Wood-fire Invitational”  The Island Gallery, Bainbridge Island Washington 2006

10) “Washington Potters Association Exhibition”, NCECA 2006, Lake Oswego Library, Lake Oswego Oregon

11) ”Wood-Fire Invitational” NCECA 2006, Portland Oregon. Lawrence Gallery,

12) “Resonance of Place” NCECA 2006, Hillsboro, Oregon. Glen and Viola Walters Cultural Art Center

13) “Decades” Potter of Hikarigama, NCECA 20061995-2005 Glen and Viola Walters Cultural Art Center

14) “Architectural Echoes In Clay” 2006, UNC Center for Craft, Creativity and
Design Hendersonville, NC

15) “The National Juried Wood-Fire Exhibition” NCECA 2007, Louisville, Kentucky

16) “Clay Invitational” Eighth annual, The Art Spirit Gallery of Fine Art, Coeur d’Alene Idaho 2007